JD 8530 7530 7710 8532

here a further revision of my Modpacketes 8530 7530 7710
NEW: Scribte were revised
8530:1 warning
7530:2 warnings and 3 errors UVs out of range [-8.8] polySurfaceShape1 error
7710: 6 warnings
All Pics are in DDS format
Functions were (v Light Script 3.1 and WD) maintained
Sound of 7710 was renewed. Reason: loop was not clean and disturbing noises in Hinergrund
=> If not a sound you like, original sound is in the folder JD_7710 at the “Sound \ Backup”
Moddesc description was overworked, In Store, you can now find out details about the tractors

Models have remained the same.

To show you a size comparison in the cover of Schl├╝ter and Deutz X720 on it


Script : Schmidlehner94
Modelle:8530 Templaer und Wohlstandkind
7530 ????
7710 ????

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