2x combine both 9750sts 1 with row crop wheels and 1 with large single wheel. Both have OperatingHours, strawSpec, ESLimiter, LightScript, wheelParticleSpec, WheelDirtSpecialization

Also include a Corn Cutter and Draper header.

This is updating the older version everything tested the black particles dust is now gone.


Combine John Deere 9750STS:

Model Body: MySQly,???
Model Wheels/Pipe: Knagsted
Scripts: Giants,RaFa (RafaelZanella),Sven777b,SFM-Modding,Manuel Leithner,Templaer,Knagsted
Model Ladder/Grain extend tank/Grain Planes: RaFa (RafaelZanella)
Edit1: OhioFarmer
Edit2/fixed/New scripts – Final: RaFa (RafaelZanella)
Sounds: RaFa (RafaelZanella)

Version V0.2 BETA.

Header John Deere 640FD:

Model:Nickel 77
Edit Draper: FORMULA_1
Animation/New Script:RaFa (RafaelZanella)

Header John Deere 615MG

Model:Nickel 77
Edit/Scripts: FORMULA_1

Updated For FS 13 By Garyh2012 – FSModding-

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