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Jeep Wrangler v 0.95 Alpha [MP]

Jeep Wrangler

A used but still in good condition Jeep Wrangler with a trailer coupling and a 3.8l V6 engine. Perfect for smaller transport jobs with small trailers.
It has the same engine like the 2001 Mustang and has enough power to pull a trailer with two steerable lawnmowers. Without a trailer is a speed of 90kph not a big deal. A JK exhaust system gives you the right sound!
So why are you waiting?! Get it into your garage!

Polycount: 30710

First unzip the downloaded file and thean just copy the file “” into your mods folder.

This is still an ALPHA-Version, so please read the README file!


mailman, CoD

4.9/5 - (14 votes)


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  1. emile

    c’est ma voiture préférée.

  2. vincent rsa

    How do u take off hand break best jeep ever

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