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John Deere 1910 1890 air seeder v 1.0 [SP]

John Deere 1910 1890 air seeder

John Deere 1910 1890 air seeder

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This is one of our latest work, has been completely renewed the textures with Ambient occlusion, and a new set of decals. Obviously we would publish it because we have obtained permission from the original author of the mod: the legendary Knagsted.

This is the v1 that we gat a correction of some bugs like game crash when exit and when you sell the seedr , now this mod work well.Have only one inconvenient that is impossible to get work in mp.But for sp players are a good mod with real filling.

Some facts:

Front tank: 4230

Rear Tank: 5280

Total: 9510


wheat barley rape fertilizer.


Model and script: Knagsted and upsidedown
Textures and Decals: Julian11 & XTRMZ [Big Boss Modding]

3.5/5 - (4 votes)


Mchale 998 and 601 package v 1.1


Case IH Magnum 340 Pack v 1.0


  1. JohnDeere

    Looks boss.

  2. Anonymous

    dose not work

  3. el anoni

    no se puede plegar lo de atras del todo

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