John Deere 2510L

John Deere 2510L

John Deere 2510L

Now sidedress in perfect sync. With the 2510L, you connect directly to John Deere Section Control*, GreenStarâ„¢ Rate Controller and GreenStar 3 2630 Display. The results: the most advanced system control, field documentation, map-based prescriptions and application precision with minimal overlap.

This is a beta mod, that mean is not fully working , but is a good choise to aplicate fertilizer between rows, tha mod work fine , only have some parts tha dont work as the discs and bar wheels , i’m trying to fix this problems to make the final version.

This mod work as a sprayer , you can load on fertilizer tiggers.

Hope you enjoy this mod , that is something special for this game.



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