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John Deere 645FD v 1.0 MR [MP]

John Deere 645FD

John Deere 645FD

John Deere 645FD

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As john deere Realised in past Farm Progress Show, we present the John Deere 645FD, 45f header, whit the Genovese trailer.

THis header is ready for our John Deere S680 / S670 American series, have the same functions did JD 640FD.

To load the header in the triler you have to use “T” key with combine selected to rise more the header.


Model , texture and ingame Julian11
Genovese: Model Texture and ingame Mauricio Stapich

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  1. matteo

    stra bella

  2. Jeff

    I need this in a non MR version PLEASE!!!!!

  3. Ian

    it says that there to many items in the store how do I fix??

  4. bastien

    pour jouer

  5. benjamin

    quiero el mods de cosechadora

  6. yes

    yes you esoines

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