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John Deere 8360RT v 1.0 MR [MP]

John Deere 8360RT

John Deere 8360RT

Hi there,

I sat down at my desk times and created a John Deere 8360RT.



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Ursus N228 v 1.2 MR [MP]


TATRA 158 6×6 Phoenix Agro v 1.0 [SP]


  1. er

    Can’t get this mod to work… It says no more room at store…

    Would really like that tractor

    • John Deere Farmer pro

      you need to go to fsuk and search mr and find morerealistic v 1.1 package i may ahve said it wrong sorry if i did.

  2. Andrew McFeeters

    tractor doesn’t move and won’t let the default keys work.

  3. farmerfish

    it crashes the game

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