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John Deere 8530 v 2.0 [MP]

John Deere 8530

John Deere 8530

John Deere 8530

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Although he has appeared on numerous occasions here, here is my contribution to the 8530 series.


Open driver’s door, Num 4

Num 5: Work light front

Num 6: Working light rear

Num 7: Duals front

Num 8: twin rear tires

Num 9: Opening rear window

Key 5: Fold Frontkraftheber

What is new?

– Spotlight on the front linkage

– Hydraulic hoses front

– Dynamic exhaust smoke

– Passenger scripts (MP-tested)

– New tires, dual tires, fenders and turn signals

– Headlight away on cabin


Urmodder: Sotillo
Reifen: [GER]donkey
Edit: Maure

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  1. dragon

    what is the name of the trailer?

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