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John Deere 9950 Cotton Combine v 1.1

John Deere 9950 Cotton Combine

John Deere 9950 Cotton Combine with:

– John Deere 4 Row Cotton Cutter
– John Deere 8 Row Cotton Cutter

Version 1.1:

Fixed the character Node index issue
Fixed the issue with the header, hired worker no longer misses any cotton regardless of the speed you are harvesting


Chrisp267, iB055, Sven777b

4.5/5 - (2 votes)


John Deere 6170R


Scania R620 v 1.0 Green [MP]


  1. Travis Bell travisbell663

    How can I get the cotton mod?

  2. Edward Nash

    States V6 Map has cotton

  3. Edward Nash

    I need a working one for FS 2015

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