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John Deere R450 Windrower

JD R450 Windrower Cutter


I was looking for a “new age” Windrower, and couldn’t find any.
So i decided to import Xyzspain McDon Windrower and to skin it with the John Deere colors.
Here’s the John Deere R450 Windrower and it’s Cutter
-Manual Sart
-Back Suspension
-Light Script
-2 Beacons
-Very Large Cutter
The cutter will cut a very large area at once and put a thin line of grass behind, ready to harvest with a baler or a silage wagon.
I hope you enjoy this mod. It was hard for me to import it, make modifications and make sure it works fine 🙂
Make sure to UNZIP the files and put the 2 .Zip files in your mod folder.


Xyzspain for original MacDon model
Nickel77 for the i3d file used for the import
Durman for some edit on the Nikkel77 i3d files
Roller90 for the script files on the swather
Giant for such a cool game and the tools to mod it
Reaper9111 for this mashup and John Deere textures

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Conow Hw 180 V9 v 2.1 [MP]


Front weight 1500kg v 2.0 [MP]


  1. John Deere Farmer pro

    Hi this goes good with my farm thank you for putting this on here.

  2. Derek Smits

    When I download this mod, it asks me what app I want to use to open the file?? What should I do?

    • John Doe

      It’s pretty easy. i did not know at first but all you ahve to do is download 7zip to open it from the original 7zip site. The others sites might give you a virus.

  3. xX_TheFarmer_Xx

    can u make it a ZIP file?

  4. FrozenTundraFarmer

    Need to adjust the script so it turns off when you leave the unit. Other than that, great mod!

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