Joskin Transform Space

Hi Dear Com

I have here is a revised version of the Trans joskin Space of LS-country technology for you. I also say the same to the present release!

So now to the changes:

Known from the V1 and V2:
– New tires including rims understood: D, thanks at this point to agrotron155 for the beautiful models!
– Turn signals, brake lights and rear lights may Fahl he has now also
– RUL remains with the off or disconnect at
– Tire dust on the field and field paths
– Power stick – Washable
– Potatoes and Zuckkerüben added with customized Particlesystems
– Created schema
– 1:1 adapted as best they could … Plan was also adjusted so that they do not rise too high ..

New in V3:

– Adjust the width Abladeparticle, unfortunately this is the original unloading trigger out somewhat obliquely. But there are triggers where it comes out straight. What makes the difference because, unfortunately, I could still ned to find out .. : S
Built independent suspension –
Added standard PTO –
– Added chocks
– Support foot animated with moving colli

Believe that was all .. ^ ^

Now for the technical data:

– Purchase price: 55,842 LS / €
– Daily cost: LS 90 / €
– Filling volume: 40,217 l / kg, or which unit is also always .. xD

– Loaded with: corn, wheat, barley, canola, chaff (chopped), manure, Zuckkerrüben and potatoes.


Original: LS-Landtechnik
Umbau: Markkus und Ifko[nator]