Kamaz 55111

Requires mod More Realistic

Speed 90 km / h Lighting fixtures.
Body capacity and trailer on: 10000 l.
Transports: wheat, barley, canola, corn, silage, grass, potatoes, sugar beet and sand.

Requires patch 2.0 and above


KamAZ-55111: Model / Textures: JAWA, Lexan; Implementation in FS2013: ANDREI1994; Editing: Vasya_TM, ANDREI1994, sergei1994
More Realistic: maximka3201

GKB-8527: Body model: Trucker72; Wheel Model: BrUISeR, DRONKLIM; Frame / PATCH (boards) / Texturing / In game: Vasya_TM, ANDREI1994
More Realistic: maximka3201

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