KamAZ T215 Ultra 3

As part of the pack you will find: tractor , front loader , bucket two , one – multi, one for the manure to 1500 kg capacity each , with additional transformer trailer . wheels on the board and fueling station PTKTS2012ZHSM (all sold separately ) . Animation : All the main controls , dashboard, steering wheel, sun visor , pedals, sunroof, windshield wipers, door , rear window , their pnevmodovodchiki , rear hitch CX guns , front control arms , tie rods , front loader hydraulic system , transformable trailer in the parking lot . The tractor also has the function of adjusting the track width rear wheels and the inclusion of additional . Forward Lighting . There can be disabled Auto Return steering. There is a dynamic dusty trail , as well as dirt from under the rays while driving on plowed land . Tractor ” crush ” culture and “ride” on the fields is fraught with lower yields. The maximum speed of 40 km / h 24 It is established script.

One bucket for front loader can not be bought in the store.

Requires patch 2.0


Models and textures: Jaba
Scripts and Debugging: StarT
Sound: Wano94
Conversion of 2013: irakls

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