KFMR 950 with cutter

And again, there is something new to me:

I was looking for a small harvester, and under which there is no cabin with Large selection there, and the present (Bizon, etc) on the quality are usually not acceptable, I created my own harvesters, the KFMR 950

KFMR is Polish and stands for: Katowice fabryka maszyn rolniczych this heist Katowice German agricultural machinery manufacturer.
Katowice is a city in Poland, it has about 300,000 inhabitants.

Model building:
It is basically a heavily modified M66 with driving cab.

The model has been changed in its Fundamental form, it is smaller than the M 66, the cutter is also only 3.20 wide, the original is 3.50.

But he nevertheless differs greatly from his half-brother, the M 66 He falls backwards from here, has several Polish stickers and paint on sheet metal. It has a cockpit display, which indicates to the driver that lamps are is switched on, there is a new railings and a new leader to come.

If we have the functions I admit he did not many, but for me they are perfectly adequate. And since I micht have done for the device, it does not interest me what “Oh tunnel” can still pure functions.

The functions are:

<Arbeitslich Front / Left (Pipelight) / rear


<Indicator (Standard)

<No error log

<A slow tarnishing cutting (Technically reality very nice)

<Particle Realistic Exhaust system (you can hardly believe it, but even in times of "environmental protection" Blow Even modern combine harvester still massive amounts of black soot into the air-gold)

<Throttle limiter (in reality thresher threshing run at peak performance, speed through the Low one hears in LS threshing but only a faint whirring motor, so you can go full throttle at low speed!)

And that's it from me also,

Sincerely, Harvey (KoolFox)


3D Modelle: Giants, Harvey, LS-for-ever
Texturen: Giants, LS-for-ever, Harvey, http://ursus.com.pl/templates/glowny/imga/ursus_logo.png, http://www.zweckverband-wirtschaft.de/pages/projekte/imagekampagne/landw.-betriebe.php
Sounds: Giants, http://tls-modding.forumo.de/
Scripts: Giants, Sven777b, MR.X, modelleicher, JD818.lua (unbekannt)
Umbau, Ingaming u.s.w.: Harvey (KoolFox)

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