Kirov K 700A


since there is still no in LS 13 K 700 is that I like personally, I’ve converted an old mod from 2008 into the new LS13.

Have the 3D model on the set CaseIHSteiger 600 platform.

Since I’m not fond of a lot of frills, the Modeigenschaften are limited to the level of LS Originalmods 13th

The colors I have personally laid out for me because they like me just like that.

Why should all East mods always look rusty and rotted out and polished the more modern high gloss.

The size of the original is the Case Originalmod LS adapted 13, since here is yes bitched always, that is too large and too wide. Personally, I think nothing of 1:1, for which I am on the Originalmap simply too small and who sets the standards for here before, not if Giants. (Did this a couple of pictures with added)

Case Dimensions L, W, H: 7.61, 2.99; 3.95 m

Dimensions K 700 L, B, H: 7.40; 2,88:3,55 m

Since I Urmodder could not identify, they should be called anyway.

Model – Greenman

Ingame – Mac

model 2008

I thank Greenman for use of its 3D model.

To those who are here should again get excited about anything, just be advised that this mod meets my expectations and some are not in a competitive soll.Er runs perfectly – If no error messages in the log – not rattle the doors and squints not with the headlights.

It works fine


Urmodder war GreeNMan, der leider nicht ansprechbar ist.
Scripte und Sound stammen aus meiner Werkstatt und von Giants
√úberarbeitung und Scalierung : Tatra 148
Sound : Tatra 148
Ingame : Tatra 149
Test und Bereitstellung : GTSchmied

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