Komatsu EX 50 with long fork

On repeated request I have my Komatsu Forklift again changed something and make it ready for you to download.

Were changed in this version 5:

– Horn added (which I always forget to install)

Installed and operating ESLimiter Hour –

Integrated reversing camera –

In the pack you will find the Komatsu forklift and the long boom from the V4, this has an attacher, but does not work at all.

As for me, sometimes not everything is displayed, the assignment here:

Indicator LH / RH / warning = numpad 1.3 and 2

Work light = Numpad 5

Reversing camera = Numpad 7

ESLimiter = Page Up / Page Down

Horn button = 0

RUL = POS1/Home


Modell: Solanz
Umbau LS13: MasterXerion
Tester: EnglishMuffin, Katiix