Krampe BB 900 XL

Krampe BigBody 900 XL

Extras: direction indicator, reverse light, side lights, variable body, wheel chocks, animated hydraulic hose, driving particle system.

Loading volume: 60000 – 80000 l

Maintenance: 90$ / day
Price: 55 000$

Usage: transporting wheat, barley, canola, corn, potato, sugarbeet, silage, forage, chaff, grass, straw or manure

Have fun,


— note —

Who has a lua problem: try to change the input keys (inputBindings) in moddesc.xml

If you have other mods with same specialization (eg variableBody) it can cause errors.

Check your other mods and compare with mine, and use the same input keys.


Model: GIANTS Software GmbH;
Reconstitute: Amarlich;

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