Krampe BBE 500

Krampe BBE 500

Hi dear Comm,

I once rebuilt the original Krampe Big Body 500th

What was done?

– Tire dust on the field and on the lanes

– He has now also indicators

– Rear lights of hoschi97 I also equips it

– And last but not least, he has also bekommmen new tires. The originals were so absolutely ned round ne

Thing ..

– A building can be now and Hide

I hope that you are happy with the trailer, and I wish you much fun driving the grain!

Pair Specifications:

Cargo volume WITH Building: 19,300 l / kg

Cargo volume WITHOUT Building: 17,500 l / kg

Structure can be a 7 with NUM and hide if the Abkippanimation is completed, it is empty and

is selected.

Filled with: wheat, barley, canola, corn, sugar beets, potatoes, rye, oats and sunflower.

So I think that’s all you need to know about the mod ..

I wish you much fun with it!


Umbau : Markkus
Reifen von Modell:
Unterbau neues licht hoschi97
sonstieges: Blacksheep