Kremper Map

Kremper Map

Kremper Map

Kremper Map

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Hi Com,

Jetztt I have also managed vertigzustellen the second version of my KremperMap!

I have accepted your wish and they met in the V2 biggest part!


It is now possible on the map outside of their fields of grass to mow the grass recognize it because the do not have any flowers.
You can now sprinkle in the barn with straw.
The flicker of grass I have changed something (flickers not as strong).
The feed store I have revised it should now what can store anywhere!
Now you can also load manure.
I have removed the mud holes.

There are also new features:

It is the CowwaterMod vonMarhu installed you can watch the cows now, Sharp and water enter the Hünern
I take it this water truck:
P.S. You can also feed the chickens with Weozen.
The water in the pond can you get Lidel I have since created a way out!
There are built from Chefkoch_LS 2011 to bring the help icons for a little clarity into play.
Here is the link:
There is also a place on the court where you put your straw / hay barking can store.
The milk factory and the mill have new signs, Tüpisch North German.
The farm has become smaller so you have to maneuver something.
There is now also in the Great Instead of a walk for me to fit the tuner to the streets of Fatian adjusted!
There is now also a hall indians can store their pallets.
Here is the link to the sidewalks:


Tuner, DeerePower, BöserLöwe, Gamer1984

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