Kroeger HDK 302

Kroeger HDK 302

Hi dear Comm,

I’ve rebuilt some 302 times the original Kroger HDK.

What was done?

– Tire dust on the field and on the lanes

– He has now also indicators

– Dung (manure), Rye (Rye), Oats (Oat), straw, grass, hay, silage, compound feed (Forge) added, with adjusted Abladeparticle

– New schemes

– Skin has been improved thanks at this point to the Corad60 made me! 🙂

– Skin was verendert again by Markku

– And last but not least, he has also bekommmen new tires. The originals were so absolutely ned round ne thing ..

NEW in V2:

– New store image

– Tilt can now with NUM 7 Open and close

– If the canopy is closed, you can not fill it. Need to fill it to the tarp and openable UNFORTUNATELY new drive under the trigger …

– Is the tarp and you open it loads, the loading UNFORTUNATELY does not stop when you close the curtain. We need to start with the trigger that drive the game will notice the change .. again A little complicated, unfortunately, does not have it done better, hope this is still ok ..

I hope that you are happy with the trailer, and I wish you much fun driving the grain!

Pair Specifications:

Purchase price: 48.400 € LS
Daily cost: 70 € LS
Filling volume: 21,570 l / kg

Filled with: wheat, barley, canola, corn, manure (manure), Rye (Rye), Oats (Oat), straw, grass, hay, silage, compound feed (Forge), sugar beet and potatoes.

End changes in V2.2 again reifenwechsel there for the voriegen no release was before!

End changes in the V3 again a new texture

So I think that’s all you need to know about the mod ..

Link to ripen:


(creator of the mod) *: IFKO (coordinator), Chris, Markku (tires Model: TheFendtVDriver

Texture: TheFendtVDriver)