Kroger SRB 35

Hi dear Comm,

I times the original Kroger SRB 35 and the two dollies packed into a ZIP and some rebuilt.

What was done?

– Tire dust on the field and on the country roads
– Indicators have now – The flasher only react to the trailer, which is selected, except for the executor who has installed and is selected then all go at once.
– New schemes
– New store pictures
– New Potato and Zuckerrübenabladeparticle
– The plan of the SRB 35 can now be opened and closed with NUM 7 and
– When the curtain is closed, you can not fill it. To fill it must be openable the tarp and drive new UNFORTUNATELY below the trigger …
– Is the tarp open and he was loads, loading UNFORTUNATELY does not stop when you close the curtain. One must again go under the trigger so that the game will notice the change .. A little complicated, habs unfortunately do not get better, I hope that’s still ok ..
– And last but not have bekommmen even new tires. The originals were so ned necessarily so beautiful ..

I hope that you are pleased with the trailer and dolly’s, and I wish you much fun driving cereal!

Pair Specifications:

Purchase prices:

SRB 35: LS € 48,780

Siga Duo Dolly: 22,500 € LS

Siga Uno Dolly: 12,000 € LS

Daily cost:

SRB 35: 80 LS €

Siga Duo Dolly: 20 LS €

Siga Uno Dolly: 10 LS €

Filling the SRB 35: 61,000 m³

Filled with wheat, barley, canola, corn, sugar beets and potatoes.

Everything is a zip and therefore mss NOT be unpacked! Simply slide in the modfolder and have fun. 🙂

So I think that’s all you have to know about the mod .. Look at the pictures, I also explain a little something ..


Original: GIANTS Software GmbH

Umbau: Ifko