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Krone Emsland Ball Pack car v 1.0 [MP]

Krone Emsland Ball Pack

Krone Emsland Ball Pack

Krone Emsland Ball Pack

Dear Community,

I would like to put the revised Ballcarts of IFKO [coordinator] available to you today.

What’s new:
Was changed only the skin and the tires.
Functions, as in the version 2.5 of IFKO [coordinator]

There are two trailers in the pack.
– The One is original from IFKO [coordinator] only with new tires.
– The second one has except the new tires yet a revised texture.

Release of IFKO [ordinator] is available.

Have fun with it.


Original: GIANTS Software GmbH
Umbau: Ifko[nator]
Textur-Edit: HuberChris1991

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