Krone Emsland

Krone Emsland

Krone Emsland

Dear LSler,

am this morning thanks to the ingenious MoreRealisticDLCs started NEN new game and it has bothered me again the crown of the Emsland neither one thing nor is. The Krone Emsland while there are umpteen in versions with top Bretten here to download but somehow not in MoreRealistic.

‘ve Therefore sometimes just off set and within a few hours a while not 100% perfect but quite useful together “cobbled”. The result I would like you not withholding.

The MoreRealistic values or the xml file are from the MoreRealistic Vehicle Pack of Dural, have adjusted the values only. At the .i3d file of course was something more Modified, this originates from Giants.

Anyone who starts a new game and want the half tipper not sell and buy these here, the game can be saved, then the folder “FarmingSimulator2013”, which is also the Modsorner is, locate the folder with his game, eg “savegame1”. In this folder you should find a file “vehicles.xml” with the name. This one opens then using a standard Windows editor (eg right-click -> open with -> Notepad), press Ctrl + F or go to “Edit” -> “Search …”. Once there, you are looking for: modname = “moreRealisticVehicles” filename = “$ $ moddir moreRealisticVehicles / trailers / kroneEmsland.xml”.
This one merkiert completely and it erstet by: modname = “mr_kroneEmsland” filename = “$ $ moddir mr_kroneEmsland / kroneEmsland.xml”.

Now, when you start the game again, is exactly where previously the half Krams has confessed the tipper with top flaps that works even when in the truck that was it, instead of completely full it is then stop only half full because the new so much more it fits.

Hope someone can use it.


.i3d by Giants
.xml by Dural & Giants
Edit 08.2014 by Xtra987

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