Krone Optimat

Specifically for LS 13 is now the crown Optimat in 2 different versions, with and without plug-in boards. Also the dimensions of the two trailers vary.

Krone Optimat 2.5t with standing wide spreading rollers
Krone Optimat 3.5t with standing rolls and wide spreading Aufsteckbrettern

Krone Optimat 4,5 t with standing spreading screw
Krone Optimat 5.5 tons with vertical worm spreading and Aufsteckbrettern

Functions / features:
– Standing Wide spreading system
– Beaters
– Aufsteckbretter
– Real dimensions
– Jockey wheel and crank animated.
– Power adhesion LS13
– PTO (Face / SFM)
– Moving freight with a PU (model eicher)
– Tyres (model eicher, ansomale)


Modell / Skin: ansomale, modelleicher, Face/SFM (Zapfwelle)
ingame LS13: ansomale
Scripts: modelleicher(bewegliche PU), Face(Powershaft)

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