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Kuhn SW 4004 v 1.0 [MP]

Kuhn SW 4004

Kuhn SW 4004

Kuhn SW 4004

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Kuhn is expanding its Heuherstellungssortiment with the completely new RW and SW Wrapper series. With a full range of round bale and square bale wrappers Kuhn is able to offer you the right Wrapper for your needs. Special attention is given to the new Wrapper for large square bales SW 4004th

This unique, self-loading bale wrapper for large square bales is capable of 120 cm x 140 cm to wrap square bales up to a size of (W x H x L) x 200 cm, including double bales. In addition, the round bale can be wrapped with a maximum diameter of 150 cm.

The Kuhn SW 4004 Wrapper for square bales to meet your demands and expectations with respect to:

Stability: Thanks to the solid construction with integrated hydraulic frame shift is achieved wide track. This creates a broad absorption, extreme stability and the ability to also wrap round bales up to 150 cm in diameter. Thanks to the hydraulic frame shift to a transport width of only 2.50 m is achieved. Mudguards and lighting are standard.
Construction Style: With 2 pairs of steel rollers of the SW 4004 lifts the bale to horizontal without damaging the bale. Thanks to the clever design of the SW 4004 is able to also receive bales from behind, which is a big advantage in corners and on the edges. Because of the wide passage between the 2 pairs of steel rollers, the bales are simply tending, without the risk of the bale is damaged.
Isobus: The Kuhn SW 4004 is ISOBUS compatible. ISOBUS compatible tractors thus do not require a separate terminal for this winder. Alternatively, KUHN offers two different terminals.
Excellent Wrap: The introduction of IntelliWrap ™ at 4004 SW resulting in improved management and control of the winding process. IntelliWrap ™ uses state of the art electronics and hydraulics to monitor the winding process and to control the film overlap and constantly adjust – more flexibility is not achieved. Depending on the local conditions, the condition of the crop and the storage time, the operator can simply select the number of film layers (4,5,6,7,8,9 …) enter into the terminal. IntelliWrap ™ automatically takes the right attitude as a function of the different ball sizes. In short: perfect distribution and overlap of foil around the bale means further savings of film.
Efficiency: achieved by IntelliWrap ™ and Isobus optimized processes provide for rapid loading and unloading and increased winding capacity. This keeps the SW 4004 with the performance of the balers. Pre-set bale dimensions and the number of film layers are selected by simply pressing a button, and meet the current requirements.
Useful functions: The SW 4004 used the known 750 mm aluminum pre-stretch with conical ends, standard with reducing the rotation speed by 50% at the end of the baling with only a roll of film and a magazine for up to 10 spare rolls of film. Large wheels provide a minimum of soil compaction and maximum load capacity on soft ground.


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  1. Bad

    This is very bad :0000

  2. youriiix1

    The mod would be great if it would not crash…

    The game crashes if you try to buy it in game, so DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME BUYING IT!

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