Lemken Smaragd

Lemken Smaragd

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Due to its high maintenance in the last 20 years, this cultivator is still in top shape
and can be well used for stubble thus still. this Lemken
Machine is characterized by the low running costs and is therefore a good
Product on their farm. We also recommend a weight of 1200-1400kg in the FH
to hang.

Upkeep: 7 € / day
Year built: 1993
Power Requirements: 140 hp

– Grubbing
– Washable
– Particle system to the crowds and roll

Have fun with the mod


Model: wegfetz
Texture: Deere6800
Used, Dirt: madabub
Ingame: small farm
Script: Face (SFM-Modding), Giants
Particle System: wohlstandskind