LF 10 Package

The LF10 pack consists of the V2:

LF10-on MB Atego (improved cabin)

LF-10 on MAN TGL (new cab)

Even here, the interior comes from ETS.


Animirte shutters
Bel 3.1
Filled with water (water Other Vehicles donate)
Quick Attack (C-Lance)

This mod This mod contain UV or error. This does not affect the game.


Storepic / Storebrand ‘s: Case_IH_MxU135
Kabinen: Case_IH_MxU135
Aufbau: KIAS
Räder: Case_IH_MxU135
Ingame, anpassungen: Case_IH_MxU135
Scripte: Sven777b / Headshot XXL & Gorli / J112J / Skullman / MySQly