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Lomersheim v 2.0 Mit Water HoseRefStation Ampelmod

Lomersheim v 2.0 Mit Water HoseRefStation Ampelmod

Lomersheim v 2.0 Mit Water HoseRefStation Ampelmod

Lomersheim v 2.0 Mit Water HoseRefStation Ampelmod

Lomersheim v 2.0 Mit Water HoseRefStation Ampelmod

Lomersheim v 2.0 Mit Water HoseRefStation Ampelmod

Hello you,

In this map I have put a lot of time very much . And I hope I have your hand, hit the taste.

On this map , I tried to pack as possible purely as much reality and nature.
I hope I have succeeded to some extent .
If errors are discovered , I would be happy to learn this . Also, suggestions and constructive criticism, I would displeased .

All , buildings, triggers, objects and textures that are installed in this map , are all original or
Download freely available.
A link- information about the buildings and objects that are not original is further attached below .
Mods and Scirpte which are their ” needs ” to the map also given below.

Map content:

– 24 major and minor fields

– An average working BGA ( BGA bunker has a container capacity of 15000l ) with

– Straw bale choppers

– 2 yards ( two silos with a central courtyard and a ” lohnunternehmerhof ” with the Kratoffel and beet stock)

– Güllemod installed , ankubbelbar both at court and at the biogas plant

– dealer

– Reset points in the central courtyard

– Built breeding facility from the beginning ( sheep and poultry breeding )

– Working speed cameras and traffic lights

Drive traffic , pedestrians, milk truck and run around –

– Halls of VerteXdezign installed , so with Mapdoortriggern


– Schafverkausstelle next to the dealer

– Gardening with seed against the dealer

– Grain storage at the BGA close

– Many meadows (2 large pastures )

– Small lake near the mill where water for greenhouses , etc. can bring

– Unloading of a train station , a mill ( opposite the station ) , country store and a brewery in the village

– And much more at the little things and details

The credits and other information:


Map Ampeln
– Radarfalle
– mapDoorTrigger
– Zucht Anlagen
– MapHoseRefStation

Most of the links to the buildings and objects were installed.

– mittlere Maschinenhalle
– kleine Maschinenhalle
– Strohkraftwerk
Central BGA V 2.0
– The barn I could not find
– Also in the pack was the contain , among other things , the unloading point at the brewery.

A big thank you goes to those who have published these mods / objects / Geböude / trigger
Map this and have therefore only allows me so u build as it is today .

Also a thank you I want to have Frieldi88 and Marcel G. ausprechen which offers the design really helped me and the map have been tested through and through .

The map itself was not completely re-designed by me . The design comes from the distant ” Bolusowov1 ”
Map . But this map has to do my map might still 2%.

I wish you much fun on my map and I hope that it the width of the mass of mods for something LS13
makes better !


Modder: Nefarius88

Tester und Ideensammler: Friedli88 und Agrostar6.21

Modder: Bluebaby210: Ampelmod,Vertex-Dezign Hallen,Eifok-Team: Maphoserefstation,Nick98.1:Schilderset

Tipps und Hilfe: BernieSCS und viele User

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