Manure pack

Dear LS community,

I present you here now my manure pack before!

Included in the pack are:

Garant Kotte slurry feeder (Kleener22)

Garant Kotte 19000L (xXMalleXx)

Fendt-939 (Serial123)

-May I recommend also a container sidelines of the company Krassort, modders of other things I unfortunately do not get released:

PS: Must be unpacked!

Many thanks to those nice modders who have provided me with their mods available!

The approvals for the 3 mods are!

Note: the package still contains errors so it is also an open beta, I first want your opinions, requests and suggestions to hear!

Have fun with the pack!

MF MFG 5440


Kleener22, xXMalleXx, Serial123