Etc. With snow, forestry mod and new industries, pellets production, chicken farm, fattening farms.
At this point, first a big Thanks to the modders and scripters of the objects and the additional functions that map enabled only.

To use all the functions needed her Zusatzmods following in your folder:

1. Forestmod
2. Schneemod
3. New industries
4. Optional: Slurry manure mod, cattle fattening of Marhu

This map has arisen fictitious and according to my ideas. It was designed so that it can be managed easily with MR vehicles. The fields are not necessarily very friendly helpers, so all those who want to send out workers may choose to read here.

Brief description of activities:

1 Schneemod: on the map, there is a ski resort where there are approximately every two days of fresh snow. There, you must vacate the streets and prepare the ski slopes. The wage daf├╝t you can pick you up at the base of the lifts.
Second Forstmod of Rafftnix and BM-modding: there are 2 large forest areas on the map where you put your trees you can plant, as well as the unloading and outlets are already built and decorated so that you can put there the placeable objects.
3 new sectors of SBorg:
Pellets production, chicken farm and wholesale market:
First the chicken farm with all products supplied, then it produces liquid egg and chicken feed which comes to the hypermarket. There you erhasltet then flour which comes to pellets factory, then fill them with wood chips from the Forstmod and you get pellets.

4th of pig Marhu: on the 2nd courtyard is the pig built there can you additionally the placeable cattle fattening place, prepared the ground for it.

Unloading and outlets:

Railway: all kinds of fruit, there is also the interim storage for beets and potatoes
But when you filled the wagons with the wheel loader, you will receive twice the price for it.
BGA: manure and straw bales for sale sale, as well as standard functions
Warehouse: all kinds of fruit
Dairy: all grain types



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