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Arne Castle V 1.1 [MP]

Arne Castle

Arne Castle

Arne Castle

Arne Castle

Welcome to Arne castle. This map is maintained for a long time goal. Finally I was able, and play on this card makes a lot of joy.

No error and attention to detail is very important to me.

In short, on the map you will find 18 medium boxes and 3 meadows. You are not large or hilly.

There is also a BGA, our farm, country store, launch vehicles, all animals, and many more …
The card is already after the first change. Therefore V1.1 works very well on the low poly PC’s.

Map is required modification: MapDoorTrigger

The buildings on the map are not mine. Thanks for the Creator.

There are some cards in a similar manner, so that the card seem to be familiar circumstances., But I assure you that I own.

Have fun with the map wunscht Battle414 Map Team.



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    Eta mui bueno el mod

  2. luis

    esta buenisimo

  3. 007

    can we play it??

  4. KOMLJE1950

    dobro he

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