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La Ferme sedan 2013 V 1.0 low [SP]

V 1.0 de La Ferme limousine 2013

Welcome to the Top Limousin, specifically in the region of Haute-Vienne “France”.

You’re in charge and owner of a small farm typical of high Limousin

mixing cereal agriculture and farming Cattle / sheep.

The case has a small farm and that farming area in a small place called “La Couture” crossed by a small river “Issoire”

Some old equipment and a few acres of land and pre allow you to start the operation.

I hope that this small map you like. I wish you many happy hours of play.


– 3 Farms
– 40 + cultivable domain
– 3 agricultural cooperatives
– 1 store
– 1 concession
– 1 slaughterhouse
– 1 Lime career
– 12 possible crops: wheat, barley, canola, oats, corn, sunflower, sugar beet, potatoes, sorghum,

luzerne, klee, grass.

– Animals: cow, sheep, chicken, pork, beef, Boeuf_F3 -> Sale of milk, eggs, pigs and cattle.

– SoilMod installed

– Dark Night installed

– Morning Fog installed

– Building Forest Mod installed

Prerequisites: (The package includes all necessary mods, unless MoreRéalistic mapdoortrigger and alternative tipping to add for yourself)

– MoreRéalistic (non fourni dans le package)

– MapHoseRefStation

– ZZZ_addMultiFruit

– ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Standard

– ZZZ_GreenFertilizer

– ZZZ_ChoppedStraw

– PDAMod

– PDAModPlugins_SoilCondition

– SoilManagement

– ForstMod (facultatif) bâtiment déjà installé sur la carte!

– Freelance Modding équipe: SoilMods

– Peter Bull & Gore: Multi Terrain angle de détail

Thank for: FSM-Team and =MZG=-Mobbingpapst for Pronar kurier 10 AnHänger

– MapDoorTrigger

– MrAlternativeTipping_FL05

Special Thank: Madelait; Bobi, Kamarov, Tfox, Paysandu23, Jeepdu50, KillerCrok88, And Other !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    tout les mods et packages devrais etre inclus , trop de gallère !!!

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