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Minnesota Map v 4.0

Minnesota Map

Minnesota Map

Minnesota Map

Minnesota Map

Minnesota Map

Minnesota Map

This is a map did Me and jstewart_321 worked on just for fun and it is baised off a real place in Minnesota alongwith some made up parts along the way. Notice this is only V1: because not everything is perfect. Please respect our work of trying: because this thing built just for fun with about 18 hours of work into it … This is a decent sized map wit fields and has 3 planted off the bat Maize, Wheat, and potatoes. So This map includes the watermod for cows and pigs as well Has along with auction house to start when you finish you start with nothing so this map is Mainly for mods!


Terrain editing/placements/Mapcreator – Fsfarmer11 and jstewart_321
American Objects – Giants
Textures – Vitor VNV-GAMER
BGA/Bale Destroyer – jerrico
Corn In Rows Texture – Tommy1222
Fertilizer Tank – Model, Textures, Ingaming etc Sandgroper
sprayFillTrigger – Giants
Silos – Bebbssos Games/Giants
Water Mod – Marhu
Trees – Giants,Dome,Piet
Halls – Sandbox/Giants
Extended Fuel trigger – Giants
Seed Pallets – LS-Landtechnik
Slurry Lagoon – Model, Ingaming etc Sandgroper
Textures: sandgroper, Giants
Scripts: uses Giants default scripts
liquidManure trigger by Giants.
Pigs – Marhu
Slaughterhouse – Javier007
Highway road – brzeziol
Town Road – Farmerahner
House – (No Credits Listed on page)
TreeScape – (No Credits Listed on page)
Big Silos in town – (No Credits Listed on page)
Bunker Silo – Modell: Katsuo
Textur: Katsuo
Ingame: Katsuo
Texaco – (American Map Highrise)
Shop – (American Map Highrise)
Shop Billboard – Catfish_John1979 and Farmerboy69
Traffic Sign – Denis m/jstewart_321
Base Map – SDK modding

4.1/5 - (13 votes)


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  1. Jj

    Verry good map

  2. mihael kidosi

    Verry good map

  3. jeje61

    very good map

  4. Balázs

    nekem nagyon jó

  5. luuk

    good map

  6. fuck you

    good map

  7. JohnnyBoy

    Luv It

  8. connor

    we need starter machies

  9. zarcot

    bueno el mapa

  10. sto cazzo

    very very good map

  11. Raul Bertolo

    Good map! But, i can’t localize the port and de mill stores to sell my grains storages! HELP ME!

  12. corey

    i love this map

  13. zach

    what trailer mod is that

  14. JAY

    Hey mate, thanks for the map, its great but ive got two whole crops of potatoes that i cant sell because the mill/silos dont accept?? Theres no port either,,,
    If the mill alows my trailers to dump the potatoes there still would it mean they are accepted??

  15. tim

    hey If there is a bio gas plant try dumping them there

  16. CALVIN

    VARY VARY VARY!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. marius

    E cel mai tare joc

  18. Anonymous

    i love map and farming simulator 2013!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. FrozenTundraFarmer

    Works with steam, unpack the rar into it own folder, place in mods folder.

  20. GME

    lack of sell points is not ideal, the grain elevator accepts nothing. which is again not ideal.

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