Multi Fruit and Lime Slurry manure Mod

The Rhönmap V4 is a map completely rebuilt. It shows a church in the middle of the Thuringian Rhön with rolling countryside and numerous fields.
It expects you a large yard with livestock, cropping and BGA and a smaller yard with pigs. Furthermore, you can from the bakery and brewery supply, then the finished products for sale.
There are built in addition to the standard fruit nor oats, rye, spelled, carrots, onion, cucumbers, tomatoes and sunflowers. For the new fruits you should of course you load the appropriate mods to harvest or transport down, which can be found here on MH. The manure slurry lime-Mod is ebenfals installed in the map.

Unloading points are mill, brewery, bakery, garden center, train station, Berghof, beer garden, country store, sugar factory, Gaststaette, butchers, the BGAs and more. All animals should be supplied with water, then the production is higher. The Wollpalletten be collected on runways for you not to have to go constantly.
As usual, the fields are almost all already connected to this map freely and largely with fruit versehen.Also you can go straight to the full and enjoy farm life. The launch vehicles are chosen so that you can get started right away.
Mods needed for full function of the map, which you all find at MH:

– Map Door Trigger
-Gülle Mist Lime Mod
– SeedCleaner
– Overview display
– MultiFruitUtil
– MultiFruitModule_Standard
– AddMultiFruit
– PDAExtensionForageStorage


made by Rhönbauer
Straßenkit by Fatian
Brücken by Nick98.1

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