Massey Ferguson 34 Advanced

After a long time I finally finished the project 34 advanced MF, AO texture applied to the bodywork and put several scripts to make it closer to reality with animation as animated in the sieves, Saca straws, chipper among others. Commenting if you find any bugs and comment if you will like the mod Because The only reward we gain by doing mods are the comments thanks.


FBT Modding
MF 34 Advanced:
Modelo e Texturas:Vinicius LS
Scripts:Alemao e Vinicius LS In Game:Vinicius LS
Sons:Alemao e L.Henrique Particle System:Vinicius LS
Modelo e Texturas: Atayna e Vinicius LS
Scripts e In Game: Vinicius LS
Alemão, L.Henrique, Farm bozza
Obrigado as pessoas que testarão:
Henrique Luiz, Paulo Mafassoli, Jose Americo e Geison LS
E ao Vídeo gravado:
Geovane FS

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