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MB Trac 1800 Intercooler

MB Trac 1800 Intercooler

MB Trac 1800 Intercooler

MB Trac 1800 Intercooler

With it’s 180HP engine is the MB Trac 1800 Intercooler, the strongest Trac from Mercedes Benz. The 1800 is based on the 1600 with additional intercooler and oil cooler.
That’s also the reason why there is the characteristic dome on top of the bonnet. Mercedes Benz build only 191 units before they stopped the production.

Price in the game: 45.000$
Maintenance in the game: 280$/day
Engine power (HP): 180
Top speed: 50 mph


– reverse drive system (you need to restart the engine after turning the seat)
– full animated front and rear hydraulics
– by ic controllable: motor start/stop, windows, roof hatch, rear window, doors open/close
– work lights
– controlpanel attacher
– washable
– animated cockpit: tank pin, rpm pin, turn lever, ignition key, brake pedal, gas pedal, digital speedometer
– wipers
– pto attacher with own pto model
– motor ignition
– animated springs and dumpers
– realLights
– dustWheels
– interior lights
– seat suspension
– in-/outdoor sound
– addition purchasable wide tires (washable only in the transport box)


bm-modding feat. MadMax

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  1. kkcompton

    how do u change into “first gear” I looked in the mod folder/xml stuff and controls looked online I cant figure it out and im on a laptop so I don’t have a numpad I know most do but I could only offord this

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