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Morning fog

Mod contains two versions of the fog: – File – dynamic version, the density of the morning fog is changing every day or fog does not occur at all – File – fog occurs every morning and always looks the same Select your preferred version and paste it into the \”mods\” folder. WARNING! Do not paste both versions, the mod will not work properly. Files from the \”sky\” folder paste into \”X:game_directorydatasky\”, where X and game_directory is the drive letter and folder where you installed the game. WARNING! Dynamic version is dependent on day of the week. If you change the time using the console (eg from 21:00 to 7:00), day of the week does not change, and thus, fog parameters remain the same. You must play at least until 24:00 hours or before you change time in console, first set the hour to 24:00 and then enter your own value.


Script: Burner Convert to LS 13: Emil Sonesson

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MB trac 1800


Fliegl ASW 268

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