Multi sprayer herbicide Mod Striegel

Multi sprayer herbicide Mod Striegel

Multi sprayer herbicide Mod Striegel

The multi sprayer herbicide Mod harrow is perfect for mechanical weed control. He funktionirt only with the multi sprayer herbicide Mod by upsidedown .

I know that he too wide for a street legal (but nit zubreit that you anstöst everywhere) , is just one previous owner. Who wants mer realism needs to load on a trailer holding it .

It sets the weeds ( Wachtumstufe 1-3) so back as a plow does. That fully grown weed you can not remove with the harrow .

For root crops ( beets, potatoes) the weeds just so reset. For other fruits, it sets the weeds back as well , but leaves only the first two stages of growth . Furthermore , the grain is zertört . That It sied as harvested from . One can use such a harrow not just get ride in full-grown cereals . 🙂 Along with the growth suppression in multi sprayer mod that should work well in some timing in the application. (upside down )

Many thanks to upside down for the script , which dürft also use their free .

It’s my first Anbaugäte so you indulgence . It is as far as I see it felerfrei .

Who is the mod genügent fans, I am planning a v2 with no bells texture, fold Twice as big and .

You may like to build on the basis of this mod further mechanical weed control devices.



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