My Fantasy World

I’ll present here today on behalf of ModTunner before his MyFantasyWorldV1.1

The map was constructed complete new. It was rebuilt Compline. A huge thanks to the metalger1 sent us his–17 Disposition. Moreover, even a giant build thanks to the makers of the map YOUFARM who have given us the approval to her Bahnhoff into the map. I question the approval on Facebook and they wrote. YouFarm

The objects are available for free, as long as the credits are given. MfG

So we hope you know now that this map has all the approvals! without the discomfort ye need. The map was gepr├╝fft paces and just as the log and error-free runs, the map also on target. The map runs on low PC’s also fine.

The map is i3d: 36.3 mb big

The zip file is 131MB in size

I hope you like the map there is a small alternation is after Hagenstedt.


Leere Map: metalger1
Map neu aufgebaut: ModTunner
Bahnhof: YouFarm

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