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Nederland v 1.1


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Hello Everyone,

Here is another ls2013 folder of mine.
I thought to go for a Dutch folder for everyone, and locks in a very nice area upon.
What have I done I started to look on google and I have a number of provinces of the Netherlands and so I started to imitate what I managed the provinces of Netherlands, Brabant, Drenthe, Groningen, Friesland.
The folder has enough fields and crops, there are small fields but also large fields.
The fields you should buy are activated. The crops will not die.
The folder has a beautiful setting with mains water vortex and blowing trees.
The grass and and crops moves.
This is a real multiplayer map. You can also do single player.



What is renewed to the folder:

The animals have been resolved there were errors .
The gates of the train will work now , they are going down and the red lights flashing.
The sheep dyke reduced , it was too high.
You can now fill the manger with grass for the cows.
The reset of the vehicles is solved with a trigger, vehicles will be moved to the shop.
A number of hedges near the shop, you can now drive through with a sharp bend.
Texture for sugar beet is changed.

What is in the folder:

– Dutch Farm
– Camp where you can mow grass and the grass heap can deposit
– Campina Milk factory.
– Factory where you can sell the wool and grain and potatoes and sugar beet.
– Shop for your vehicles and equipment to buy.
– Cows, Shelves, Chicken eggs you can sell at the point of sale.
– We drive a Dutch train in the folder
– Air Balloon
– Village
– Large storage.

1 Potatoes
2 Sugar.
3 Wool.
4 Straw bales and bales hi you can sell.
5 Saad.
6 4 types of grain.


LSF Modding Team
Rübentextur: Deere6800
sandgroper: 6mgate
Sven777b: train barriers

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  1. sven

    coole mod met heel veel leuke dingen

  2. Bryan

    sven gast hij IS ENGELS!

  3. bierentieten

    idd hij is engels

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