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Neufeld Erland Open Beta v 1.0

Neufeld Erland Open Beta

Neufeld Erland Open Beta

Neufeld Erland Open Beta

Neufeld Erland Open Beta

Neufeld Erland Open Beta

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I hereby submit my Neufeld Erland Map for download
this is my first map, and even this is still in a beta state.
It is not error-free, but I work with them to high pressure because
Final version error for Free!

Therefore, suggestions and criticism are welcome!

But this Please in Our Forums.

Accessible at: www.modding-Kü

But now the map:

There are small and large fields in a hilly landscape exists with the style of the entire map, falls back on me.
Rot is switched off, and the fields must not be bought.

(not real, but I personally find enjoyable)

The Eifok country trade was used, and there are extended lanes.
Even a pig farm which however does not work 100% is installed on the zusätslich will be fixed in the final version.
There is also a dairy farm and a yard for the grain.
The BGA has a MT-Alligator (fermenter) get to see tires on the Zugedecktem silos.
There is still work to do to the finals Version: street signs, guard rails, etc.
But I hope that you enjoy it for a beta

Ultimately, the map from your feedback will continue to be built and improved.

Have fun on my first map.







A full-Thick Thanks goes again to Lu Steiner and the other modders whose objects I Could Use.



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    the log is taking to much time in the game do not download it

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    trop bien

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