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Neukirchen Balbini v 1.1 Beta [MP]

Neukirchen Balbini

Neukirchen Balbini

Neukirchen Balbini

Neukirchen Balbini

Neukirchen Balbini

Today there is again a map for you! This is the Neukirchen-Balbini from MB-Trac Power! I have all the rights from him to continue building this map and then upload! This map was recreated reality at the beginning. Eventually, she was then constructed fictitious. I (Fr3aky) have then continued to be built;) This map is as yet quite large .. but this will still be changed. Now there is the first beta of me! I wish you much fun while gambling! ^^

PS: The map is in zip folder different. Do not get confused !!

Required Mods:

MapDoor trigger

Slurry Dung Mod


-MB-Trac Power

3.7/5 - (9 votes)


John Deere 5440 Pack


Laverda M400 Lci


  1. magic64

    el mapa esta cul geñal me da pena que el farmming simulato

  2. tracteur44

    ses pas la vrais maps

  3. СВяТОЙ

    Спасибо за моды, сайт The Best in The World

  4. Anonymous

    kiss mihály

  5. rasmus

    den var veldigt rolig kata

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