New Darker Gravel Textures

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Thank you for my new dark gravel textures download. Original gravel was acceptable, but I do not like is the repeated action corn row, the way you get looking in the distance. My texture looks smoother and looks more like a rocky dirt road and natural. The color looks even better with the environment.
Place the manual texture folder in your maps (\ Farming Simulator 2013 \ data \ maps) included. I have included the default textures, if you want to get back to the original textures. Just delete my textures and remove the “OFF” and Gravel_diffuseOFF Gravel_distance_diffuseOFF restore default files.
These are the new files and not from any existing mods. Textures created with GIMP 2.8 and are photoreal.
I give you permission to modify and upload to a website that you please. They only mention that my name is in your balance everything, I wonder. Have fun with all my mods, that’s why I upload and share my work. This is my way of giving to the community for what the sim mode is so much fun hobby.
Thank you very much
Todd McCuistion “Tuddley3”


Dies sind die neuen Dateien und nicht von jedem vorhandenen Mods. Texturen mit GIMP 2.8 erstellt und sind Photoreal.

Ich gebe Ihnen die Berechtigung zum Ändern und hochladen zu einer Website, die Sie bitte. Nur erwähnen Sie, dass mein Name in Ihr Guthaben ist alles, was, die ich frage. Viel Spaß mit alle meine Mods, das ist, warum ich hochladen und Teilen meiner Arbeit. Das ist meine Art des Gebens zu den Sim Betriebsgemeinschaft für was das macht so viel Spaß Hobby.

Vielen Dank
Todd McCuistion “Tuddley3”

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