Niva SK6 kolos

LS Hello friends!

I have a super detailed Niva SK6 Kolos for you. Straight to the point, I’m not the mud, I got him on a Polish site found and downloaded at no LS. The author is there genante LSA Modiing. I only converted the png files in dds and made sure that he threshing runs about 10 km / h. Normal he had only about 7-8 km / h on the clock.

At the combine: He has a top speed of 20/21 km / h and a grain tank capacity of 8000l.

With Tactile 0 on the numberpad is a description of the function keys (unfortunately in Polish). He is very rich in detail and all (!) Pulleys rotating threshing also the fan is in motion. The sound is also credible.

One of the mistakes that have struck me: The helper can not Offloading properly. At about 75%, he drives off again. When he has no Maisdrusch Häckselpartikel and the log fills up with me around 5kb. Shows up in the game but not noticeable. Most things can be in the log does not start so much. Certainly not a problem for someone who knows about that.


LSA Modiing

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