North Rhine Westphalia

This map is a beta version

It still lacks a distributor

The launch vehicles are in the field

One can not put the cars back

PDA is not yet adapted

And the splash screen not

Since I know but unfortunately not how to manage it??

On the map there are large fields and Medium fields

There is 1 pay Participating

A large farm with triggers (straw sale, manure pit, barn with hay feeding silage straw + manure pile …. In the great tower silos Can Sell Its grain and corn.

And a small farm with sales trigger seed potatoes and beets + Trigger

In my opinion even after missing a couple details and building, but I have found nothing yet Matching ..

SP & MP Tested

Errors in the map I can not say exactly, until now I can only find texture error

Map is Built on the minimap by Farok


by Farok

5/5 - (3 votes)