NTF 18

Hey guys, I really did not want him

Upload, but I was nevertheless decided.

My Invented NTF 18

NTF stands for Nederlandse tractors manufacturers,

18 for the PS number. The tractor is based on

the vehicles of smallholders in the 50s.

-> Spoons, normal light

-> Idle scripts

-> Real Exhaust Particle System

I know he could have more features, but it should also prop never uploaded

are. Well I’m happy, and I think there is also

others find pleasure in him.


3D Modelle: Giants, Ansomale, Michl², Harvey (KoolFox), Thuruk
Scripte: Giants, Sven777b, Modelleicher, MR X.
Texturen: Giants, Ansomale, Harvey (KoolFox), Thuruk
Sounds: EddieVegas
Traktor: Harvey (KoolFox)