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Sheepfold V 1.1 [SP]

Sheepfold V 1.1

Sheepfold V 1.1

Sheepfold V 1.1

Sheepfold V 1.1

for installation with the GE, Triangles 20000, error-free and clean textures, manger and wooden gate as decoration are in, with disease tub and kennels

This building was once a ring furnace of a brick, hence the not so typical shape for a stable. The sheep farm was abandoned during the GDR times, then used as a shelter for manure and fertilizer spreaders.
Yes this stall looked like and no texture fits great, yes I know that out there is a little piece of wall next to the left gate and yes this should be so, but was rejected because both kennel not hinpassten.

mfg like to bauer

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GPS Mod v 3.2.1 [MP]


Weibachtal V 1.0 [MP]

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