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Oldtimer maehwerk v 2.0 [MP]




Revised MP version 2 with animation of the drive wheel. Usedskin. Revised, more robust and visually pleasing Getriebegäuse.

Here is the MP grade version of Oldtimermähbalkens. With new cutter script from model eicher. The original cutter bar is from ansomale. However, it is ultimately only the protection cutterbar and remained as such from the cutter bar. The rest has been completely remodeled. New blade fitted. New Maehkamm installed. New gearbox fitted. This better adaptability to the different tractors.

Is connected to the rear ball coupling with the tractor.

As usual, go backwards to the orange rod, Hitching, height and length set properly done.

Adjustable with the right mouse button. Hold down the button and bring the cutter bar by moving the mouse to the correct position. There appears no mouse icon.

Must not be fitted with the GE.

Is delivered on a pallet and sinks at the merchant in the ground. May nevertheless be coupled easily. Coupling and uncoupling and he is normal.

Patch 2.0 is required. Log freely. Fully MP compatible.

Price in shop 550 LS to find in the mowers

New version: New console, new skin, animated wheel


ansomale: Mähbalken
modelleicher: Cutterbar skript
Gnescher: Umbau

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  1. Chris Johnson

    Dose it come with the tractor or not if so can I put it on the side of one of the classic edition mod pack tractors

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