One F430

Hello friends
We present a MAN truck.
I do not know what model it is, I think it is a F430
I completely rebuilt script file.
It only original animation made? By Barbossa
Load Capacity 32.000 Kg
Price in store 170000
Daily price 120
Fuel tank 800 Litres
Maximum speed 100 km / h (handles very well, does not come off the ground)
Fruits: wheat barley rape maize chaff potato manure Sugarbeet grass silage.
No towbar (trailer atach point)
100% functional, no errors.
Archive Weight: 9.98 mb
motorized steerable, hirable, honk
animatedVehicle, beleuchtung31
front worklights: numpad 5
back worklights: numpad 6
blinking lights: numpad 1 (left) numpad 3 (right) and warning lights numpad 3
Enjoy it


ingame and Texture: Pisty
tank animacion: Barbossa
testers: Pisty and Juanathan

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