Tractors safer, safer roads, less victim

Tractors are getting stronger, more modern, more comfortable, more efficient and more. 30 tons or more on the street is no exception. Due to the size (front) tire and ground clearance, thereby increasing the risk of so-called danger zone, especially if a linkage with sharp edges and parts. An accident on the road and it’s done. A brief moment of inattention can have large consequences.

It’s not about blame, but about serious consequences for other road users and their environment worse for you than to prevent driver, as well. If you drive a lot with a tractor on the road, and if you have 25 years of driving experience, do not wait until it happens to someone or yourself.

What do you think happens when you beat a Volkswagen Lupo 25 tons in your trailer? Take as an entrepreneur, earth moving company, farmer, tractor driver, employer or self-justification and in action ….
What writes Senior Agricultural Engineering

Important !!!!

This AgriBumper must be mounted with the Giants editor on the tractor

Thus also knowledgeable with the Ge is Required



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